Endless Science

Endless Science is born to rethink open access publication. During these years, several institutions are asking researchers to publish every research paper in open access, for instance, the Research Excellence Framework in the UK or the European Commission. Nevertheless, it is difficult to obtain funding for open access publications, especially considering that there are journals charging thousands of dollars for it.

The main and humble idea of Endless Science is to create open journals whose price is accessible, not only for institutions but also for independent researchers. This will help both to maintain the system and to make sure research is more accessible. We want to start with a fixed price of 100 pounds (+ VAT) per open-access paper, 50 (+VAT) per proceeding paper or project report and 250 (+VAT) per short book. We aim to maintain this price as long as inflation allow us in these uncertain times, even if the journals reach a good and prestigious position in the research community.

Let's see how far we can go.